South Texas - USA
A+ Wrap™: Gas Transmission Line

Project Overview

Located in South Texas, a field bend had external corrosion at the
6 - 9 O’clock positions on a 16” OD, API-5LX-42 cross country pipeline.

The repair area encompassed a nine-foot section having 62% wall loss. Original pipe wall was 0.281" with an MAOP of 1,062 psi.


The Pipe Wrap team designed a 20-year repair utilizing the A+ Wrap system to restore the structural integrity of the line back to pristine condition. The repair required 18 layers (0.396" composite thickness) of material.

The first step in the repair was to prep the pipe by removing any soft coating and sand blast to a minimum of NACE #3 finish. The anomalies were then filled with a load transfer epoxy putty. Next, a corrosion barrier epoxy was applied to the entire repair zone prior to wrapping with A+ Wrap material using the spiral wrap method. The material was applied until the calculated layers had been achieved. Additionally, the material was constricted and perforated before it cured for two hours. The final step was to apply a top coat, and then back-fill the repair site.


The end user was able to successfully repair the corroded gas line prior to major damage. Furthermore, the A+ Wrap system will help extend the life of the pipeline. 

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