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Navigating the road to infrastructure rehab can be complex. As an engineer or contractor, you know that crumbling infrastructure is a problem facing virtually every city and municipality around the world. Associated costs stand in the trillions of dollars. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions are designed to restore the strength of deteriorated and compromised structures, including bridges, tunnels, roadways, drainage ditches and culverts, while providing a cost-effective option to replacement. Many of these solutions are designed to rehabilitate structures that are difficult to access or with limited heavy machinery, which consequently lessens traffic disruption in busy areas. Less material and simple installation means accelerated project completion and reduced costs, easing the strain on limited infrastructure budgets.  Milliken Infrastructure Solutions delivers smart, practical, innovative solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the market.

Proven science and meaningful design allow us to deliver:

  • Lower total project costs
  • Improved contractor productivity
  • Reduced civil impact
  • Extended infrastructure life cycle

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Market Leadership

For more than 150 years, Milliken & Company has been a leader in the development and application of innovative technology, focusing on scientific approaches that address the challenges of each new era and developing solutions that make sense. With a foundation in science, Milliken Infrastructure uses smart design to create integrated systems – not just individual parts – that save time and labor to cost-efficiently strengthen, retrofit and rehabilitate bridges and roadways.

John Hepfinger


Global Market Director: Storm & Sanitary/GeoPolymers

John Hepfinger is currently the Global Market Manager for the Storm & Sanitary business unit and the GeoPolymer technology group.  John assumed this position after GeoTree Technologies, Inc was acquired by Milliken & Company and is now part of the newly formed Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC.  Prior to this assignment, he was Global Market Manager for the MaxCell unit at Milliken & Company, directing growth in the telecommunications market.  In that role, John had business level responsibility for sales, marketing, innovation, and strategy on a global basis. 

John has been with Milliken more than 30 years, and began his career in manufacturing after obtaining a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Throughout his career, he has held positions in manufacturing, process improvement, innovation, sales, and market leadership. John has specialized in starting and growing new product lines within Milliken, including ventures into interlining, odor-absorbing hunting apparel, theatre products, telecommunications, and now geopolymers. He has received US and international patents in a variety of disciplines, and is recognized in the Milliken Innovation Hall of Fame.

Gregg Blaszak, P. E. 


Business Development Manager

Gregg Blaszak is a licensed engineer with over 15 years of experience with the design and construction of fiber reinforced polymer materials (FRPs) for civil/structural applications.  He holds a BS degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an MS degree in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Illinois.  He is licensed to practice engineering in six states.

Mr. Blaszak started his career composite material engineer at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) before joining J. Muller International, an internationally renowned bridge engineering firm.  While at J. Muller he worked on many award-winning bridge projects including the 8.5 mile Confederation Bridge in Canada, the Damen Avenue Arch Bridge over the Chicago River, and one of the first FRP vehicle bridges constructed in the United States.

As a consultant, Mr. Blaszak utilized his background in structural engineering and composite materials to help manufacturers develop, test, and introduce a variety of composite technologies into the construction marketplace. Mr. Blaszak is a nationally recognized expert in the area of FRP strengthening.   He chaired of the American Concrete Institute’s ACI 440F subcommittee on FRP repair during the development and publication of the first edition of the 440.2R guide on the design and installation of FRPs.  He currently chairs the ICRI 330 Committee on Strengthening and sits on a number of other industry committees.   He has consulted on many high profile projects that used FRPs including the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Mr. Blaszak joined Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC in September 2011.

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