Concrete Cloth Culvert Lining

Greenville, AL
Concrete Cloth™ CC8: Twin Culvert Invert Lining

Project Overview

Two 72-inch diameter corrugated metal (CMP) culverts in Greenville, AL,
had sections at the invert that had rusted through. The cost to cut open
then replace the culvert was prohibitive, but this culvert could not be left
alone without further degradation, which could jeopardize the overlying

Pipe sections had been added over the years as the road was widened and
the culvert now consisted of three 20-foot sections, for a total length of 60
feet. The center section was the oldest and in the greatest need of repair,
so full excavation and closure of the road was the conventional option.
This option would have required closing the road for a minimum of several
weeks at a cost of at least $100,000.


The county engineer decided to use Concrete Cloth GCCM as a trial
application because the product is easy to install, the project was expected
to take less than one day, the installation would not require excavation, and
the total project cost was expected to be very competitive.
The contractor arrived onsite at 9:00 am and set up his cutting operation.
Six foot lengths of Concrete Cloth material were cut from a bulk roll and
then laid transverse to the center line of each culvert, centered on the
bottom. The six-foot length allowed about a third of the CMP circumference
to be protected.
Each piece of cloth was lapped over the down stream panel by
approximately four inches, then the sides were fastened to the CMP using
galvanized two-inch, self-tapping screws.
Because water was continually running through the culvert, the contractor
chose to lay the product transverse to the center line and shingled in the
direction of water flow. Installation was completed by 2:00 pm that day.
After the Concrete Cloth GCCM had cured overnight, the top edge of the
installation was sealed with tar to limit high water infiltration under the

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