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Erosion Control and Water Conveyance


Concrete Cloth GCCM is an optimal product for erosion control, slope protection, berm protection, culvert lining and ditch lining. Read more to see how.

Erosion Control & Slope Protection

Concrete Cloth GCCM can be used to protect slopes as a replacement for shotcrete, riprap and other hard armor systems. The material is easy to install, requiring limited equipment, and can be used by standard maintenance crews.


  • Reduces installation time
  • Lowers total project cost
  • Features small equipment footprint
  • Acts as an effective weed suppressant
  • Installs in rain, if needed, which maximizes schedule flexibility


Berm Protection

Concrete Cloth GCCM can be used for hard armor capping of containment dikes and berms around oil refinery tank farms.


  • Decreases lifecycle cost
  • Impermeability and fire protection
  • Protects synthetic and clay liners
  • Prevents animal damage
  • Safer installation


Culvert Lining

Concrete Cloth GCCM is a cost-effective alternative to topical invert coatings and relining systems and an ideal protective wear surface in metal culvert applications. Additionally, it can be used at the headwall, inlet and outfall to prevent erosion and undermining of the existing structure.


  • Extends the life of an existing culvert asset
  • Hydrates with existing water source
  • Offers easy handling and installation with a small crew


Ditch Lining

Concrete Cloth GCCM can be rapidly unrolled to form a ditch or channel lining. When comparing erosion control methods, it is a cost-effective alternative to riprap, cement stabilized soil, plastic inserts and shotcrete.


  • Minimizes installation time
  • Conforms to ditch geometry
  • Lowers total project cost
  • Requires no special equipment
  • Installs at a rate of 20,000 ftper day



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