Concrete Cloth Culvert Lining
Concrete Cloth Culvert Lining
Concrete Cloth Culvert Lining
Concrete Cloth Culvert Lining

Concrete Cloth™ Culvert Lining

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Ideal as a protective wear surface in metal culvert applications, Concrete Cloth GCCM is a cost-effective alternative to topical invert coatings and relining systems. Additionally, it can be used at the headwall, inlet and outfall to prevent erosion and undermining of the existing structure.



• Extends the life of existing culvert asset

Hydrates with existing water source

• Offers easy handling and installation with a small crew 

Choosing the right approach to solve your specific repair situation is not always a simple task. The appropriate solution depends on the type of culvert deterioration, the root cause of the problem, and the extent to which the structure of the failing culvert allows you to rehabilitate rather than replace. The full solution to rehabilitating a deteriorated culvert may also depend on correcting failed conditions on the outside of the culvert at the inlet and outlet.

In the mid-1980s, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed a 10 point scale (9 to 0) that is useful as a guideline for assessing the condition of the culvert. In this scale, 9 represents a culvert in new condition, and 0 represents one that has totally failed.

Milliken Infrastructure offers a number of solutions to repair or rehabilitate a variety of problems seen in corrugated metal (CMP) and concrete pipe culverts. Our solutions may be used individually to solve a specific issue, or together to fully rehabilitate a culvert with a range of problems.

Generally speaking, Concrete Cloth™ functions as a new wear surface for culvert inverts and as an erosion control measure for culvert surrounds, and is not a structural repair. Milliken products (GeoSpray™, GeoPlug™ and GeoFuse™) can provide structural repair options for more severe culvert failure conditions.


Why Choose Concrete Cloth GCCM?

If you location is:

  • Remote
  • Difficult to access with standard concrete equipment

If you have limited time:

  • Simple, installs quickly
  • You don't have to go back to the site to remove forms

If you have limited labor or equipment:

  • A small crew can do the job
  • You don't need specialized equipment

If you cannot stop the water flow:

  • It even cures under water

Why Choose Concrete Cloth GCCM for Culvert Repair?

If the culvert is in need of repair:

  • The product provides a new wear surface for the invert
  • Buys you a few years of additional life, letting you better prioritize your annual spending

If your location is under a busy roadway:

  • Limited footprint is required for installation
  • The installation can be done without closing the road

If you have limited funds for contractors:

  • You can use your own labor


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