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Pasadena, TX - USA
FormaShield®: Refinery Water Line

Project Overview

Located in Pasadena, TX, the Pipe Wrap® team was called in to repair a
24” O.D. x 0.375” water line inside a refinery. The pipeline had 31 feet of external corrosion and three areas with pin-hole leaks. The external corrosion on the pipe had a defect depth of 60 percent wall loss.


Based on the extent of the defect, the repair was designed in accordance to ASME PCC-2 standards, which resulted in six layers of FormashieldTM material. This called for an overall repair thickness of 0.20”. The repair was complete from start to finish in three days.

To prepare the surface, the pipe was first blasted to near white metal and cleaned with MEK solvent. The three pin-hole repairs were stop-gapped and held leak free for one full day. The remaining 31 feet of corrosion was filled with proprietary epoxy putty, coated with PPR primer. Then six layers of FormashieldTM material was applied to the entire 34 feet encapsulating the stop gaps.

The pipe was then coated with a corrosion and UV-resistant paint as a finishing coat over the repair. As stipulated by the PCC-2 Standards, only certified installers were allowed to apply the product.


The end user was able to successfully repair the corroded water line and stop the pin-hole leaks. Furthermore, the FormaShield® system will help extend the life of the pipeline. 

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