Cincinnati, OH
GeoSpray® Geopolymer: Sanitary Sewer Rehab

Project Overview

During an assessment of its combined sewer system, the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) discovered that an 800-foot section of stacked stone and brick sewer line, situated in an area of with active natural springs, was badly leaking. Records indicated that the old stone pipe was likely installed in phases between 1870 and 1890.

This specific section of stone pipe presented a host of unique challenges.
One section of the pipe was on a 26-degree slope that led to a river outfall. A detailed inspection revealed that the pipe had both round and arched
cross sections with two different diameters. One 500-foot section had an inner diameter of approximately 60 inches and a separate 300-foot section had a 36 -inch diameter.

Access to the pipe itself was also a challenge. The old sewer ran beneath three sets of road crossings, all at different elevations. Additionally, the pipe was also located near the University of Cincinnati campus, which made minimizing surface disruption a high priority.

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