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Pipe and Manhole Structural Rehab


GeoSpray geopolymer mortar can be used for quickly and efficiently rehabiliting stormwater, sanitary and industrial sewers. Read more to see how.

Stormwater Sewer

Equipment for GeoSpray mortar applications causes a very small footprint, allowing busy roads to remain open during projects. The application of GeoSpray geopolymer mortar recovers and protects steel structures of culverts by filling in voids, cracks and other defects that allow water infiltration into culverts. The mortar is easy to apply and reacts quickly to changing weather conditions.


Sanitary Sewer

GeoSpray geopolymer mortar provides a maximum corrosion resistant lining to extend the useful life of the existing sewer pipeline. For aging brick sewers, GeoSpray mortar can be used during rehabilitation to line sewers despite significant loss of mortar between bricks, cracks, crown deterioration and damaged and missing bricks.


Industrial Sewer

GeoSpray geopolymer mortar can be used to rehabilitate penstocks, or feed pipes from a dammed river to a turbine, despite significantly varying live load and fill height design conditions.

The rehabilitation of low pressure cooling water intake pipes at coal-fired power plants is also possible by repairing significant pitting, leakage and damaged joints. GeoSpray mortar can still be used if there are multiple types of pipes as well as heavy salt and metal deposits. For chemical plant manhole repairs, GeoSpray mortar can ensure proper environmental controls.


Maintenance Hole

GeoSpray mortar structurally restores manholes with a one-step corrosion and salt water resistant lining. It can be applied in wet or moist conditions with a quick return to service. Newly installed structures can have extended lifecycles with a GeoSpray geopolymer application that is easily and consistently sprayable and faster to install than many other repair or rehabilitation products.


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