Concrete Cloth™ for Mining

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Benefits of Concrete Cloth 

Concrete Cloth (CC) GCCM is a flexible, three-dimensional geosynthetic material impregnated with cement that hardens when hydrated to form a durable concrete layer that delivers a protective erosion control and armoring surface in a convenient, easy-to-use roll.


When it comes to design, construction and operations for an asset owner at a mining facility, there are many factors to consider:
• Increasing functional longevity of other asset components
• Managing stormwater, water conveyance and water runoff
• Meeting regulatory requirements
• Minimizing operation and long-term maintenance cost
• Solving erosion control and soil stabilization issues

Common Maintenance Areas:

• Berms
• Drainage
• Geosynthetic liners
• Secondary containment
• Slopes
• Tailings

Please reference our installation guide and hydration guide. 

Why Choose Concrete Cloth GCCM for Slopes?

If you location is:

  • Remote
  • Difficult to access with standard concrete equipment
  • Facility security causes delays to material reaching the worksite

If you have limited time:

  • Simple, installs quickly
  • You don't have to go back to the site to remove forms

If you have limited labor or equipment:

  • A small crew can do the job
  • You don't need specialized equipment

If you cannot stop the water flow:

  • It even cures under water

If you have a large job:

  • Installation rates as high as 20,000 sf per day are achievable
  • You can perform the installation over several days, even after hydration
Case Studies:

Diversion Ditch for Underground Zinc and Copper Mine 



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