Concrete Cloth Slope Protection
Concrete Cloth Slope Protection
Concrete Cloth Slope Protection

Concrete Cloth™ for Oil & Gas

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Benefits of Concrete Cloth 

Concrete Cloth (CC) GCCM is a flexible concrete impregnated geotextile that hardens on hydration to form a durable, fiber reinforced concrete layer. Used predominately for above ground drainage applications, the material can also be used for hard armor capping of containment dikes and berms around oil refinery tank farms.



Decreases Lifecycle Cost: Significantly extends the operational life span of new and rehabilitated berms. It decreases maintenance and will not crack like shotcrete or poured concrete. 

Impermeability and Fire Protection: Has an integral water impermeable PVC membrane as well as inherent fire resistant properties which improve the containment characteristics of existing dikes.

Protects synthetic and clay liners: Protects synthetic liners from light vehicle and foot traffic punctures, and prevents clay berms from drying out and cracking.

Erosion Protection: Provides high-level protection against degradation of containment dikes by preventing surface erosion from wind, rain, and freeze thaw.

Weed Suppression: Acts as an effective weed inhibitor, eliminating the maintenance required with earthen dikes while providing a safe surface for trafficking.

Prevents Animal Damage: Reduces maintenance and repair work by eliminating the risk of membrane or structural damage from burrowing animals.

Safe Installation Method: Produces no back spray, eliminating problems associated with using shotcrete or resin based lining and reinforcement systems around sensitive infrastructure.

Rapid Install Without Stopping Operations: Can be easily installed at +5,000sf/day around the existing facility without interrupting day-to-day operations, significantly reducing overall project cost.

No Heavy Equipment Required: Can be supplied in man-portable rolls eliminating the need for heavy equipment on site and allowing for installation in areas with restricted access. Prior to hydration, CC layers can be cut to length using basic hand tools eliminating the hazards associated with using power tools in high-risk environments.

Install in Wet Weather: Has a working time of 2 hours after hydration. The ability to install CC in wet weather conditions reduces program disruption and crew downtime. 

Conforms to Protrusions: Has excellent drape characteristics, allowing the material to conform in and around existing infrastructure, form sealed joints around pipe protrusions, and negotiate sharp bends and variations in profile.

Increase Storage Capacity: Can easily be used to increase/restore secondary storage capacity to meet regulations.

Please reference our installation guide and hydration guide. 

Why Choose Concrete Cloth GCCM for Slopes and Berms?

If you location is:

  • Remote
  • Difficult to access with standard concrete equipment
  • Facility security causes delays to material reaching the worksite

If you have limited time:

  • Simple, installs quickly
  • You don't have to go back to the site to remove forms

If you have limited labor or equipment:

  • A small crew can do the job
  • You don't need specialized equipment

If you cannot stop the water flow:

  • It even cures under water

If you have a large job:

  • Installation rates as high as 20,000 sf per day are achievable
  • You can perform the installation over several days, even after hydration

If the job is on a high security facility:

  • You cause less disruption to operations on the site than with alternative methods
Project Information Sheet:

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Case Studies:

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