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Joe Royer

Joe Royer is currently the Development Manager for Geopolymers. Joe moved into this position after GeoTree Technologies, Inc was acquired by Milliken & Company as is now part of the newly formed Milliken Infrastructure Solutions. Prior to this assignment, he was Director of Innovation for the Performance Products Division at Milliken & Company, a role he has held since 2010. In that role had division level responsibility for innovation and growth initiatives across multiple business units.

Joe began his career with Milliken as a Research Engineer at Milliken Research in 2002 following a post-doctoral fellowship at North Carolina State University. Joe holds degrees a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame (’95) and a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University (’00).

Articles by this author:

The Chemical Resistance of Geopolymers

September 18, 2017
Given enough time, use and environmental exposure, infrastructure in both the storm water and sanitary sewer markets are susceptible to deterioration. Rehabilitation is, of course, often an option but determining...

Greener Options for Storm & Sanitary Repair

July 28, 2017
The color of storm and sanitary infrastructure repair seems to be trending green these days, but just how green can it go? For those concerned with the impending carbon footprint of an infrastructure project, choosing to...
Concrete Cloth

Why Does Product Testing Matter?

July 06, 2017
A product is only as good as the data that exists to back it up. This premise is something to keep in mind when searching for products to solve your next storm and sanitary challenge. How can you know what you’re...

When perfect working conditions are a pipe dream, consider GeoSpray®

May 18, 2017
Perfect working conditions in the storm and sanitary field are few and far between. When they do exist, take advantage —unforeseen interruptions can wreak havoc on your schedule and budget. However, that’s...

Part 2 | Ensure Adhesion with Geopolymer Mortar Systems

October 12, 2016
The best way to ensure adhesion for GeoSpray in a concrete or corrugated metal pipe is to apply it to a wet surface. While it isn’t a requirement, a moist surface provides a better bond to the host substrate and...

Part 1 | Quickly, Easily Repair Large Diameter Pipes

October 10, 2016
Before a city puts a project out to bid, they do a condition assessment to confirm there is a problem with piping structure and it needs to be fixed. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS) works with contractors who do...

Geopolymers Part 5 | Summarizing the Cincinnati Sewer Repair

September 08, 2016
Typical engineering inputs to systems such as the one in Cincinnati include: Diameter of the pipe Size of the pipe Depth the pipe is buried Location of the water table. What, if any, live loads are applied over the pipes...

Geopolymers Part 4 | Manning the Sled to Ensure Consistency

August 25, 2016
While the Geospray sprayer is often attached to a sled that can be pulled through a pipe, the application process requires some human oversight. For example, the person manning the sled will watch as the Geospray...

Geopolymers Part 3 | Cincinnati Steep Grades and Sewer Degradation

August 11, 2016
It’s hard to see in these pictures, but one of the biggest challenges of this repair job was its position on a steep (25 percent) grade. In fact, the slope was so severe in some places that the repair team needed...

Geopolymers Part 2 | Analyzing the Problem: Pipe Access and Application Issues

July 28, 2016
One of the only places the repair team could locate the pipe was through a manhole that allowed only limited access for the crew. To make matters more complicated, the material at the pipe went from round to arched and...
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