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A Conclusion: When are Composite Repairs Ideal?

August 29, 2016
Composite repairs can extend the life of a pipe experiencing cracking, but no significant testing has yet determined its effectiveness. Current standards either do not recommend or allow composite repairs on cracks that...

Geopolymers Part 4 | Manning the Sled to Ensure Consistency

August 25, 2016
While the Geospray sprayer is often attached to a sled that can be pulled through a pipe, the application process requires some human oversight. For example, the person manning the sled will watch as the Geospray...

Repair Design: Are you following the right standards?

August 23, 2016
As we mentioned in a previous blog post, it is imperative that the design of the repair is in accordance to current standards and that proper due diligence is performed to ensure all scenarios are accounted for,...

Resin: Pre-Impregnating Fabrics to Ensure Consistency & Simplicity

August 16, 2016
Epoxy systems are typically two-part systems that are mixed, stirred, and hand-applied to the fabric in the field. This technique relies on knowledgeable technicians to ensure an acceptable resin-to-fabric value....

Geopolymers Part 3 | Cincinnati Steep Grades and Sewer Degradation

August 11, 2016
It’s hard to see in these pictures, but one of the biggest challenges of this repair job was its position on a steep (25 percent) grade. In fact, the slope was so severe in some places that the repair team needed...

Fabric Weave: The effect of balanced vs. unbalanced weaves

August 09, 2016
We often receive questions about the ideal pipe repair systems given varying external conditions. Our recommendations are predicated upon the fabric weave that is most appropriate, in addition to other factors. Consider...

Mechanical Damage

August 08, 2016
Localized cracking may become present through mechanical damage (MD) including, but not limited to, gradual or rapid soil movement, severe dents, wrinkle bends and bending. Localized cracking due to MD may be external or...

Fabric Composition: Should you use carbon fiber or fiberglass repair systems?

August 04, 2016
Every composite repair has the capability to work when designed correctly and installed properly. Some systems are designed with particular objectives in mind, whether external corrosion, mechanical damage, leak repairs...

Geopolymers Part 2 | Analyzing the Problem: Pipe Access and Application Issues

July 28, 2016
One of the only places the repair team could locate the pipe was through a manhole that allowed only limited access for the crew. To make matters more complicated, the material at the pipe went from round to arched and...

Major Road Problem, Solved!

July 21, 2016
Early in the month of June, a crack appeared in the support column of the 385 exit ramp in Greenville SC. The SCDOT said that the crack could be dangerous for drivers exiting the interstate, and that a quick, reliable...