May 16, 2018
Engineering Spotlight: Meet Kurt Chirbas

Posted by: Natalie Swift

At Milliken Infrastructure Solutions LLC, we not only want to sell superior products, but also want to have superior engineers selling them. We understand that though we know our engineers, you may not. This “Engineer Spotlight” series will feature an MIS engineer in each blog post. First, I’d like you to

Meet Kurt Chirbas

Kurt has a lengthy job history of fixing someone else’s problems. He started out working on remediation projects, moved to waste containment design and construction and has been in the erosion control and geosynthetic business for over 20 years designing and selling erosion control and geosynthetic products (erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, geosynthetic liners, grids and drain boards). He knew from his experiences that there was an issue in the oil and gas market where vegetation simply wasn’t the best maintenance solution. When he learned of Concrete Cloth™ Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) products, he thought the material had a capability that vegetation did not, and has been selling it ever since.

Kurt believes that Concrete Cloth GCCM is an excellent fit for the oil and gas market, which is one of the markets he sells to, because there are four key attributes that the customers are looking for. They want a product that fits the following requirements:

  • Little to no disturbance of day-to-day operations
  • Meets performance criteria – functional longevity, chemical compatibility, abrasion, drainage
  • Easy to install – no heavy equipment, minimal labor
  • Time efficiency – get the repair done (correctly) as fast as possible

According to Kurt, Concrete Cloth GCCM almost always meets these criteria. The relative newness of the product to the market, however, has some customers questioning its reliability.

Kurt’s civil engineering degree from Purdue University, though, combined with his years of technical experience and his time working on large superfund remediation projects allows him to reinforce the material’s capabilities with projects and case studies that have been successful using Concrete Cloth GCCM.

The most common projects that Concrete Cloth GCCM is currently being used for are:

  • Berm protections
  • Side slope stabilizations
  • Armor protections for geosynthetic liners
  • Drainage channels

Kurt communicates to engineers, asset owners, contractors and agencies that though the cost of the material itself may be higher than other standard products available, the total installed cost and long-term functional longevity of choosing Concrete Cloth GCCM over an alternative result in incredible cost savings because of benefits like less manpower, less facility downtime, lower maintenance and increased functional longevity of the product.

Though Concrete Cloth GCCM’s main function is repair and protection, Kurt is confident that the capabilities of this material are just starting to be discovered for other applications. To learn more about the capabilities of Concrete Cloth GCCM, click here.

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