June 27, 2018
Sales Spotlight: Julius Scott

Posted by: Natalie Swift

In the next blog series, Sales Spotlight, we would like you to meet our Pipe Wrap® sales team. These Milliken Infrastructure Solutions employees work in the classroom, on the road and in the field educating customers, contractors and operators about our products. Our first series article features Julius Scott, who has worked with Pipe Wrap products for four years now but has more than 50 years of combined onshore and offshore experience. Julius serves as our Regional Sales Manager for the Americas, and he is also a certified trainer for all Pipe Wrap products and spends time onsite supervising contractors and giving instruction when needed.

For a short time, Julius thought that the oil and gas industry wasn’t where he belonged, but he couldn’t stay away from the variety of each day.

“One day I’ll travel to a job site to oversee the wrapping process, the next I’m on a sales call and I’ll round out the week in a training session,” said Julius. Julius operates with a “plan your work, then work your plan” mindset, which he thinks is key to maintaining any regularity on the job, along with flexibility.

“You have to learn to be flexible with your time,” said Julius. “If you have to drop everything based on one phone call you get that day, you learn not to be frustrated with the situation but do whatever you can to diffuse and fix it.”

Julius doesn’t have a single product he focuses on selling, but says that his personal product sales depend on the circumstances of the seasons, which could include temperature or time constraints.

Julius credits his enthusiasm for these products on their credibility. The technology, documentation and tested support, so everything that’s going on behind the scenes, is what he trusts to propel these products forward in the oil and gas industry.

His competitive nature makes him love a good challenge, like proving to potential customers how Pipe Wrap products exhibit better quality and performance than alternate repair methods.

“It excites me when [potential customers] say they are happy with another company,” Julius said. “I ask for the opportunity to compare our product with other systems and let our products do the rest.”

Landing the first job with a new customer makes the competitive challenges of the industry worthwhile to Julius. He pays attention and finds common ground with customers, while exhibiting his industry and product knowledge.  When he’s going in to learn about a new potential project, he makes sure he “knows the project better than the customer does.”

Though Julius has been working in the oil and gas industry for many years through multiple roles, he is still learning. New rules and regulations are constantly passed, such as the Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) natural gas pipeline “mega” rule, which will not only affect pipeline operators but also composite wrap manufacturers, like Milliken Infrastructure. Julius must stay updated on regulations like this to capitalize on opportunities of product demand.

Julius sees Pipe Wrap composites as a leader in the industry that will only continue to grow due to our innovative thinking regarding unique repair solutions and different product applications. These solutions will continue driving Julius and the rest of our sales team to expose the oil and gas industry to superior performing products that speak for themselves in the field…with maybe a little help from sales.

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