July 11, 2018
Sales Spotlight: Colin Schaub

Posted by: Natalie Swift

This week we are shining the spotlight on Colin Schaub, a New Jersey native who was looking for new opportunity with a new location attached. Three years ago he joined our Milliken Pipe Wrap team in Houston, TX, but has been involved in the oil and gas industry for about six years.

“I wanted a more well-rounded role with a good work environment and a beneficial relationship with management,” said Colin. “I liked the amount of repair systems Pipe Wrap offers and how each repair is manually engineered with documentation to back up each decision we make.”

Colin appreciates the ease of our products’ application and installation processes and how each product can provide customers with a wide variety of applications, much like the sales team does.

“We get dirty sometimes on job sites, we keep up with current customers and build relationships with potential ones,” said Colin. “I’ll organize lunch and learns, give training presentations and drive across multiple state lines all in one week.”

Though the hours are sometimes long and working weekends isn’t out of the question, Colin thinks that the end result of proving that Pipe Wrap products work and are capable of living up to every claim he’s made during sales conversations make the entire sales process worthwhile. It’s not just the sale, however, that satisfies him.

“We are helping solve real infrastructure problems in the world each day,” said Colin. “What we do with these products daily can prevent potentially catastrophic, and even deadly, issues from occurring that could cause a lot of people actual harm. The repair zones may be small sometimes, but the measure of what we are preventing with these repairs is huge.”

Colin was completely new to the oil and gas industry when he made his move to Texas six years ago, but has learned so much about Pipe Wrap products and other systems in that time. As he acquires new customers, though, he continues to learn about regulations and processes that go into projects.

“There are so many permits and approvals that have to be acquired before a project even starts,” said Colin. “I’ve recently been able to work with a customer from the very start of a project, which is a new experience I’ll be able to take a lot away from.”

Colin is confident with Pipe Wrap’s ability to propel forward within the oil and gas industry. “We’re effectively doing business in a legitimate and honest way, which combined with our growing team and constant internal support, will take us far in this industry.”

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