July 25, 2018
Sales Spotlight: Paul Moise

Posted by: Natalie Swift

Paul was drawn to the integrity and engineering expertise of the Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS) team, so joined in on the experience about five years ago. His focus is on refineries, where chemical resistance and high temperature product capabilities are key.

“The problem solving required for this business is different every day,” said Paul. “I take our engineering team unique challenges that require a quick fix, and they work to solve the problem and provide a timely answer to the customer every time.”

Paul has material shipments dispatched daily for his clients. All his time is spent traveling from corporate offices to the field and back again, receiving reports of problems, building a design package and selling products to his clients for installation.

“There is a quick turnaround needed for almost all of these jobs,” said Paul. “The ability to help the end user within a matter of hours and see the problem solved is the instant gratification that makes the process worthwhile.”

One of Paul’s key accounts followed him to MIS, which is a testament to Paul’s character as well as the capabilities of this company. Though there are certain products his client purchases regularly, if a problem arises that is more of an anomaly, Paul has the resources from MIS’s extensive range of product capabilities to fix those less frequent issues as well.

With more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Paul understands the importance of not only the quality of the product but also the interactions with customers.

“You’ve got to take calls late at night sometimes, and on weekends. You’ve just got to understand that refineries never shut down,” said Paul. “After working with a company for over 10 years, the company will come to know that you are dependable and will expect that dependability every time.”

That dependability, along with trust in our engineers and willingness to work with whatever issue comes our way, has Paul thinking that MIS is positioned for future growth and expansion within this industry.

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