August 08, 2018
Sales Spotlight: Miguel Palomares

Posted by: Natalie Swift

Miguel started working with composites in 2004, beginning his career in manufacturing. He then moved to the more technical side of composites, and currently works in the sales group at Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, though his job hardly consists of just sales.

Miguel also trains contractors and operators and supervises special projects. He has been a part of composite installation projects in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, sometimes one week after another.

“One week I can be in Latin America, the following week I have a job in North America and the third week I could be in Asia supervising a job,” said Miguel. “Everywhere I go, I know I will not find the same job. Even if the issue is the same, something about the project will be different; it could be the environment, the size of the team or many other factors.”

After five years with Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, Miguel is continuously amazed at the opportunity for growth he has here.

“I was given the opportunity to open the market in Latin America,” said Miguel. “I took it and ran with it.”

With the ability to travel to projects in different countries, Miguel embraces the separate cultures he gets to experience in each location, but notices similarities between project goals: “I am constantly traveling and meeting new people, but every customer has the same goal in mind—he or she wants a solution that keeps production going. This makes it easier to find common ground, despite cultural differences.”

While Miguel is traveling, however, he doesn’t forget about his other customers who may be in completely different time zones.

“I sometimes stay up very late at night or wake up really early to have conversations with customers,” said Miguel. “I have to make sure someone on my team or myself is able to take care of their needs. They are surprised if they find out I am out of the country but still answering calls. I know that customer service is a huge part of this business, so if you enjoy it your job will be easy…and I think my job is easy.”

His amazement doesn’t stop with the opportunity, though. Miguel expressed how he enjoys working with the products because of their incredible test results.

“One of our products, when tested for an operator, was able to withstand three times the amount of pressure compared to similar products in the market,” said Miguel. “So not only are these products versatile in the field, but they also stand out in performance testing.”

Whether he’s at the top floor of a business talking to the CEO of a major corporation, or out in the field consulting with contractors, Miguel knows that anyone in any job capacity can appreciate someone who is knowledgeable about the products and is willing to work on site just like everyone else. Basically, he takes work seriously and does what it takes to get the job done.

Miguel hopes to see Milliken Infrastructure Solutions take its composite products more internationally and continue to prove to the world that these products provide incomparable results.

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