August 22, 2018
Sales Spotlight: Osbaldo Chavez

Posted by: Natalie Swift

Osbaldo started his career in the Oil & Gas industry out of necessity—he just needed a job. After 24 years in the industry with travels to 33 countries and five continents, though, he’s come to love a good challenge and the resulting rewards of this industry. His journey with Milliken Infrastructure Solutions started four years ago.

“I came to [Milliken Infrastructure Solutions] because of the knowledge of the leadership here,” said Osbaldo. “Jim Souza is an encyclopedia of composite information. The products we offer are so diverse and create more value for customers instead of having to push them on one product alone.”

The variety of products that we have also means a variety of project opportunities for the sales team. Each project could involve a different Pipe Wrap® system, or allow Osbaldo to introduce a new product we manufacture to his customer.

The most rewarding part of Osbaldo’s job are the completed projects. Though he must work to make a sale, he feels great satisfaction when he can complete a repair and leave a customer happy and ready to discuss the next project.

“If I have a repair on my schedule next week, up until it’s time to do the job it’s on my mind, even through the weekend,” said Osbaldo. “It’s my responsibility to get this job done correctly, so I can’t wait to get out on the site and make sure it’s done right.”

A unique aspect of the MIS team that Osbaldo credits as his favorite part of the job is the camaraderie shared between the sales team. He appreciates the structure of the company, where “we all lose or we all win; we are all after the same goal.” This way, the team can genuinely celebrate successes as a company and help each other out with completing larger projects.

Osbaldo considers his biggest—yet worthwhile—challenge to be the opportunity to showcase his skills in the field. He understands that he must show the teams working with the products that he is knowledgeable about the products and knows how to use them: “You may have good products, but you need good representation out in the field.”

Though he’s served many years in the industry, Osbaldo is continuing to learn more about himself and his customers through building trustworthy relationships.

“You think you may know how to sell to a customer, but you can constantly pick up new identifiers to how a customer may want to be approached about a new product,” said Osbaldo. “When you figure that out, you can handle the situation based on their actual needs instead of what you think they want to hear.”

Osbaldo is also constantly learning about the capabilities of our engineering team, and how the odd-shaped geometry repairs that are usually turned down by similar repair systems can be fixed using our products because of our team’s expertise. He has personally gained more confidence going into sales meetings as our engineers continue to meet and exceed project design expectations.

With this continuously positive performance on the field and in the lab, Osbaldo is confident that Pipe Wrap products will keep exceeding expectations in the industry going forward.

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