January 19, 2016
New Repair Solution Developed for Potable Water Systems

Posted by: Joe Royer 5 minutes minute read

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC (MIS), a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, today announced the addition of GeoSpray® 61 to its innovative line of geopolymer mortar system solutions. Building on the company’s core geopolymer expertise, GeoSpray 61 is ideally suited for  rehabilitation and protection of pipes and structures used in potable (drinking) water systems.

GeoSpray 61 is third-party tested and NSF/ANSI 61-2014 certified to allow asset owners and design engineers to extend the operating life of their existing assets. The product can be used as a protective mortar lining for corrosion protection or as a structural enhancement in large diameter pipes and structures.

As a leader in geopolymer technology, the company’s range of geopolymer mortar products are cost effective solutions that not only increase chemical resistance and physical performance, but also significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. MIS utilizes its geopolymer expertise in order to create products that provide innovative and enhanced, environmentally responsible solutions for wider industry use, helping fulfill its mission of “doing good” for people and the planet. 

MIS works to solve infrastructure challenges differently, offering a breadth of solutions that rehabilitate, strengthen, and protect infrastructure components. Backed by the company’s extensive engineering expertise and support, these systems install easier and faster than functional equivalents.


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