May 02, 2016
To lube or not to lube - that is the question

Posted by: Lee Bedingfield

I hope Shakespeare fans don’t take offense to my play on words but just like Hamlet struggled with his moral dilemma we seem to also get this question often.  MaxCell® innerduct is pre-lubricated at the factory with 3% by weight of silicone oil (polydimethyl siloxane).  So, if MaxCell is pre-lubricated then is it still recommended to apply lube to the cable at the job site?  The short answer is yes, if you want an easier cable installation.  The bottom line is there have been many successful MaxCell installations where no lube has been applied to the cable, but on difficult installs, it can improve the success rate by dramatically reducing the pulling tension.  Through previous trials it has been determined that factory applied lube will reduce cable pulling tension somewhere in the 10% range.  This is predicated on not lubing the cable during the install.  If both the MaxCell and the cable are lubricated then it is estimated that that the reduction will be in the 20-30% range depending on the severity of the pull.  This is the reason that it is always recommended to lube the cable during installation for maximum benefit.

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