August 08, 2016
Mechanical Damage

Posted by: Casey Whalen 3:00 minute read

Localized cracking may become present through mechanical damage (MD) including, but not limited to, gradual or rapid soil movement, severe dents, wrinkle bends and bending. Localized cracking due to MD may be external or internal, but will occur where localized deformation is the largest.

For example, a dent may have cracks on the inside wall where it is deepest. MD cracks can occur anywhere on the pipe, from the main body to the welds. Depending on the environment and operating conditions, MD cracks may also be susceptible to FCG or SCC and should be treated accordingly. If the cause of the crack is soil movement, extra precautions must be taken in order to limit future soil movement.

Composite repair testing on cracks associated with mechanical damage is very limited. It is typically not recommended if FCG or SCC is a concern, as overlapping conditions may interact in an unknown fashion.

Otherwise, crack growth is considered to be minimal. A composite repair designed according to the type of MD should be sufficient to restore pipe serviceability. Lowering pipe pressure during installation and using a high modulus repair material are among the recommended methods of installation for this type of repair.

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