June 01, 2016
Industry Insights: Geopolymers

Posted by: Jaclyn Deter 1:00 minute read

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions is excited to introduce a new blog series where our development manager, Joe Royer, will present insights on our geopolymers solutions. In the “Industry Insights: Geopolymers” series, Joe will address common questions about geopolymer mortar systems, showcase benefits for users, and shed light on how our partners have used these products to help successfully restore structural integrity to degrading infrastructure installations from culverts to surfaces to pipelines and beyond.

If you have not used a geopolymer solution from us, or are not familiar with our product offering, we invite you to join Joe as he uncovers the advantages of the systems and discusses applications for a variety of infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

In this series, you’ll learn about the evolution of geopolymers as a technology, as well as product enhancements our company has made to ensure your team is completing every repair job as quickly, effectively and safely as possible.

In the next post, Joe will begin the series by sharing how the phrase, “just add water” is shaking up the concrete and cement industry.

Later in the series, Joe will dig into recent, high-profile jobs where geopolymers were used to alleviate concerns about severe infrastructure damage and their potential effects on urban centers such as Cincinnati, Ohio and the border town of McAllen, Texas – detailed case histories you’ll want to see.

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