July 13, 2016
Shhh.... swivel secrets

Posted by: Lee Bedingfield


line_swivel.jpgPreviously, we’ve discussed the importance of a swivel in an installation.  This simple, little device has prevented many, many headaches on the installer's part.  In the past I have provided some test data on twisted rope impact without a swivel to prove this point.  It isn't pretty!

Here is a simple trick that I utilize on all installations.  Once you have made the header and attached the swivel, make sure to put tape around the end.  If you’re passing between maintenance holes then there is a possible edge where the swivel can jam.  In addition, PVC has joists and sometimes they are separated in sections which provide another jam point.  This is just a very easy thing to do which may help in the long run.  Interestingly I see about 50% of contractors do this on a routine basis and the ones that don’t have been lucky and never had a jam. You can thank me later for this little tip!


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