July 20, 2016
It Pays To Be A Slacker

Posted by: Lee Bedingfield

Sometimes while writing these post I feel like I need to give everyone a great “Eureka” moment but in reality a lot of these snippets are relatively easy things that can help you in the long run.  Today’s post is no exception to the rule.  It’s about a simple thing anyone can do to help lower tension and that’s feeding slack.  This holds true with both MaxCell and cables but is most critical on the cable installations.  I know everyone has heard this tip before but maybe don’t understand how much it can affect the outcome.  Here’s an example: One day at the test site I wanted to see empirically how much a little resistance made on the tension so I walked to the feed end and grabbed the cable with one hand while having the contractor on the other end tell me the tension increase.  We were roughly half-way into a  1640ft (500m) pull and the tension was running roughly 200lbs (90kg’s).  When I grabbed the cable slightly the tension spiked 50-60lbs or 25%.  Imagine now if a heavy reel of cable were being fed without being let-off, the negative impact could be much higher.  Here’s a shot of MaxCell being let-off and installed with no tension. 


One other note; some maintenance holes are deep and that can really impact the tension.  Most installers will have a person in the bottom assisting the cable when it makes the turn into the MaxCell/conduit.  Not manning this assist point can cause greater tension by acting like an additional 90o sweep with a very tight turn radius.


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