August 30, 2016
Leak Design: How tough is your repair system?

Posted by: Casey Whalen

Looking specifically into the leak design case, or potential leak design case, a new element is introduced in the standards mentioned in our latest post – mainly the “gamma” value as seen in equations 13-15 in the ASME PCC-2-2011 Article 4.1 (pg 145). This “gamma” value is the fracture toughness value at the interface of the repair and the substrate. A higher value here corresponds with a higher resistance to leaks.

For the systems in comparison here, the values are as follows:

FormaShield – 0.951

A+ Wrap – 0.346

Atlas – 0.075

Based on these values, theory and past leak-repair experience, FormaShield is the system that is most recommended for potential leak repair cases. Properties that directly influence this value include:

1. The fabric being tri-directional (creates a very tightly-woven, stiff fabric),

2. Having an epoxy resin and,

3. Being thicker, in general.

Atlas is our weakest leak-sealing wrap, due its thinness and looser, bi-directional weave. A significantly thicker Atlas system would need to be installed to be as effective as a FormaShield system.

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