October 12, 2016
Part 2 | Ensure Adhesion with Geopolymer Mortar Systems

Posted by: Joe Royer

The best way to ensure adhesion for GeoSpray in a concrete or corrugated metal pipe is to apply it to a wet surface. While it isn’t a requirement, a moist surface provides a better bond to the host substrate and helps the material cure more effectively.

That’s dramatically different than the pure plastic polymer resin systems that are sometimes used for pipe repair. In order for these systems to bond effectively, the pipes need to be bone-dry. They do rely on bonding to the host substrate.

There are some pitfalls to avoid with “surface-wet” application, however. Standing water of more than one inch at the bottom of the pipe, and/or flowing water during the application, will erode the material while it is curing.

Tell us about your latest GeoSpray repair job and how surface-wet application worked for you. We also encourage you to share your project by calling 855.655.6750 or fill out a contact form.

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