January 31, 2017
Your pipeline rehabilitation challenges are more than meets the eye

Posted by: Casey Whalen

Whether you’re in the oil, gas or chemical industry, your infrastructure is the heart of your company, and bringing life to infrastructure is your pipeline. But as pipeline infrastructure ages, damages such as external corrosion, resulting in integrity threats and service failure, can present major rehabilitation challenges.

It’s not enough to just have the problem solved. The nature of the problems faced in the oil and gas pipeline industry come with a high set of standards. Repairs must meet increasingly stringent federal and industry regulations, which means the engineering and installation of a repair solution must go through specialized and knowledgeable technicians.  

Beyond the physical work, proper documentation must be kept on the back end to ensure all parties fall into accordance with ASME standards. What’s more is that a business facing all of these challenges needs a solution quickly. Often times pipeline damage requires immediate resolution. Technicians need to arrive quickly, and repairs made as fast as possible. Like we said, without your infrastructure you have no business.

The challenges of external pipe and pipeline damage are never surface level, which is why finding a trusted partner that can bring knowledge and experience to the repair process is essential to keeping your operation running smoothly.

For a closer look at Milliken Infrastructure and Pipe Wrap®’s understanding of pipe and pipeline repair challenges and the solutions we offer, be sure to view our Top Challenges in Oil and Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation info sheet.


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