March 31, 2017
Milliken Infrastructure’s Gregg Blaszak published in Concrete Repair Bulletin

Posted by: Jaclyn Deter

Recently, our own Business Manager Gregg Blaszak, was published in Concrete Repair Bulletin, a bimonthly publication of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). His article, Specifying FRP Strengthening Systems Made Easy: An Introduction to ICRI’s New Guide Specifications for Externally Bonded FRP Fabric Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures can be found in the January/February issue.

Engineers often had to rely on sample specifications provided by material suppliers or sift through industry guides, like ACI 440.2R, to extract the pertinent information to build their FRP specification.  Without a useful guide, specifications often lacked sufficient information to address the unique requirements of FRPs, or frequently over specified requirements leading to additional confusion.

In an attempt to make writing an FRP specification less challenging, the ICRI created ICRI 030130.72: Guide Specifications for Externally Bonded FRP Fabric Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures.  The guide, which can be found on the ICRI site, is a 32-page manual written in 3-part MasterSpec format.  Part 1 covers general specifying requirements such as submittals, quality assurance and safety. Part 2 covers specifying of the actual product, and Part 3 covers the proper specifications as it pertains to the execution of the product.

The guide was written by a committee of engineers, material suppliers and contractors and contains proper CSI format, mandatory language and commentary to help guide the engineer as they prepare their project documents

Blaszak, who chaired the ICRI 330 Committee on Strengthening and Stabilization, will be traveling in North America and providing educational seminars on specifying FRPs. For more information, questions, or to arrange a meeting with Blaszak, he can be reached at [email protected].

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