June 15, 2017
Introducing New CC Hydro™ GCCM

Posted by: John Hepfinger

At Milliken Infrastructure, we get excited about the new products we get to offer to our industry and customers.  They not only increase our ability to provide the infrastructure industry with new solutions, but they also give us the opportunity to learn over time what unique applications will present themselves that may never have been considered in the early stages of product development. Today we get to experience that excitement with the offering of the next evolution in one of our favorite products.

The effective uses of Concrete Cloth™ Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) for ditch and culvert lining, as well as erosion control and slope protection, are well documented. Though the benefits and uses of Concrete Cloth™ are numerous, in certain applications a truly liquid-proof barrier may be required. For these situations, we’re proud to introduce CC Hydro™ GCCM, also licensed by Concrete Canvas.


Where secondary containment, channel and/or lagoon linings require a fully sealed containment solution, CC Hydro™ fills that need. Best suited for commercial or industrial settings, the highly impermeable and chemically resistant geomembrane backing offers a performance liner tested to ASTM and ULC standards, ideal for new construction or the rebuilding of containment facilities.

The combination of the hydrocarbon resistant geomembrane with the durable protection of concrete makes previous installation methods, where multiple layers and products were required, obsolete. By consolidating the installation to just one product, CC Hydro™ can save time, money and simplify logistics — making it a truly all-in-one product.  

Like Concrete Cloth™ before it, CC Hydro™ is an overall cost saving system. Where alternative products and methods require a protective top cover, CC Hydro™ requires none, eliminating the need for added site excavation, the use of fill materials, or the removal and treatment of contaminated soil that can significantly add to life-cycle expenses. The traditional maintenance cost of soiled-covered systems is eliminated as well, as CC Hydro™ acts as an effective weed suppressor.

Where this product differs from its predecessor is in the installation. The liner incorporates a highly visible welding strip allowing strip allowing joints, which are thermally bonded with a twin-track or triple-track air welder, to provide CC Hydro™’s enhanced impermeability, and provide for fast and easy onsite pressure testing.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect this product has proven to endure is testing. Prior to launching in North America, CC Hydro™ was submitted to years of development before being released in the UK. After a year of use in the field, the product has been brought to this side of the Atlantic. Through a battery of over 22 tests — including accelerated weathering, heat aging, strength and flammability tests — both the 5mm and 8mm thickness of CC Hydro™ have proven effective in a meeting our expectations for performance. We are sure you will agree.

More information on CC Hydro™, including technical specs, can be found HERE.

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