August 17, 2017
A Friendly Word to Those Considering Concrete Cloth™ GCCM

Posted by: John Hepfinger

Dear homeowners, engineers, asset owners and project enthusiasts,       

When we first introduced Concrete Cloth™ GCCM to the U.S. market, we recognized we had a new and innovative product that would be ideal for erosion control, ditch lining and slope protection. Its unique ability to conform to any surface and be easily installed while providing a durable and cost saving alternative to traditional products was sure to make it a success. But little did we realize the reception it would receive outside of the intended commercial use.

The simplest way to put it: Concrete Cloth comes with a “cool” factor. It’s a unique product, and the general public never fails in demonstrating its ability to come up with new and creative applications for it. We frequently receive calls from residential customers who want to know if it’s a product they can use to build a deck, place on the side of their home or, use to create a driveway. While we applaud the ingenuity, often times we simply have to steer people away from the product.

We don’t turn customers down because their order is too small and not worth our time. We don’t turn customers down because we’re concerned about liability issues. Typically, the main reason we would say no to a customer is because the product truly will not properly integrate with the engineering or design of the project. If we feel that our product is not the correct option and will not be successful, we will tell you that.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the conversation. If there is a way to reconfigure the engineering or design so that Concrete Cloth will fit and work correctly, we’re more than willing to work with a customer to include the product into the project. As a fair warning, there is a lot of information that we need regarding the design to make that happen, so it’s best to come to us prepared with as many project details as possible.

Even if we are unable to come up with a solution to your project that involves our product, we are happy to offer alternative product thoughts, even if they aren’t manufactured by Milliken Infrastructure. Our goal is to do what is absolutely best for you, the customer, and become your trusted advisor in making decisions for your erosion control, ditch lining or slope protection projects. This desire is true whether you are a residential homeowner trying to make a simple drainage ditch or an engineer for a multi-million dollar civil project.

We’ve often been asked if Concrete Cloth is a product we would consider selling in big box home improvement stores, and it has been a consideration of ours. However, it is more important to us and to the success of Concrete Cloth that we understand the project it is being used for and that the customer is getting exactly the best option for the job. Neither of us wants to be disappointed at the end of a project.

Ultimately, we want to help you find an ideal solution, whether that includes Concrete Cloth or not.

To see some of our best applications for Concrete Cloth, visit our case studies page and choose Concrete Cloth™ GCCM in the “Filter by” drop down menu. Still have questions? Feel free to send them along to [email protected] or call 1-855-655-6750.


John Hepfinger
Global Market Manager
Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC

Category: Concrete Cloth


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