Oakland, CA
RenewWrap® Seismic Retrofit


Northgate Terrace, an 11-story concrete structure in Oakland, CA, built in 1970, now functions as a senior retirement and assisted living facility. To comply with current seismic codes, a seismic upgrade was required to increase the shear, flexural and tensile capacity of some of the concrete shear walls, beams and interior columns. 

This facility was the first--and possibly the only--building to be constructed using a patented precast concrete construction technique called Foldcrete. The Foldcrete process is an on-site, pre-casting structural technique that allows the flat casting of the reinforced concrete elements that are lifted in place in a building block manner design to reduce the construction schedule.

The retrofit had to be completed while the building was fully occupied, so a minimally invasive upgrade technique was chosen for the project that could be completed in a relatively short timeframe. Residents on the floor to be retrofit were relocated for a two-week period during construction. The repairs included the seismic upgrades as well as a complete interior renovation of each room.

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