Inman, SC
GeoSpray® Geopolymer Manhole Repair with CIPP

Project Overview

The Dewey Plant has been making textile chemicals, colorants and other specialty chemicals since 1969. The plant has been expanded several times and grown significantly over that same period. The plant has a series of chemical sewers that collect and direct waste chemical solutions for treatment and processing. In 2000 the plant installed HDPE piping as a repair mechanism for many of these sewer lines. Unfortunately, the temperatures of the industrial waste streams that enter the sewers have, over time, caused the HDPE to expand and begin to crack. The plant was looking to repair the system, prevent the HDPE from expanding and ensure ongoing proper environmental controls.


The plant began the combined CIPP and GeoSpray® mortar project in several stages. In the first stage, three 11 -inch pipes of approximately 300ft in combined length were lined with a polyester infused CIPP felt. Additionally, a 6- inch pipe of 160ft was also lined. The goal was to isolate and prevent expansion of the HDPE pipe that was in the ground. After the CIPP materials were inserted into the pipes, the manholes were cleaned and coated with GeoSpray mortar to seal the system. Day 1 : Set up bypass, clean the pipes and remove the excess debris. Investigate system and use CCTV to inspect structures. Day 2: Repair first 3 pipes with CIPP, begin coating manholes. Day 3: Finish final pipes, complete GeoSpray mortar application, and perform CCTV quality inspection.

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