Byrdhill Rd; Henrico, VA
GeoSpray® Geopolymer: Culvert Relining

Project Overview

In early 2013, Henrico County Virginia identified a 120 linear foot section of 66 inch steel culvert running under Byrdhill Rd in need of structural repair. The pipe was approximately 25 feet under the road and was suffering from severe rust and corrosion that is common in metal pipes over 25 years old. While the pipe was still structurally sound, the county was concerned about long term life, so it took preventative measures to create a new structural pipe that would meet the water conveyance needs for decades to come.


In May 2013, the county specified that they would use a cementitious liner for the repair of the culvert. The key requirements for the liner were that it be polymer fiber reinforced, shrinkage compensated, and abrasion resistant. Additionally, the county required that the entire thickness of between ½ to 3 inches be capable of being placed in a single application pass via a centrifugally applied process. The contract was award to Inland Pipe Rehab, LLC to install the GeoSpray system. The GeoSpray material met all of the material and structural requirements for job. A certified engineer developed a structural repair design for the pipe that created a new geopolymer pipe inside the existing structure with a wall thickness of between 1.5 and 2 inches. The culvert was located beneath a severely curved section of Byrdhill Rd.

Due to heavy traffic in the area and the resulting safety concerns for the motorists and the workers, the small equipment footprint required to apply GeoSpray geopolymer was a major advantage. All the equipment could be located in the easement along side the road out of the way of traffic and allowing for no disruption to the community. In advance of lining, the county had installed a second 15 inch diameter pipe under the road to be used for bypass.

This resulted in a short window for the contractor to time the installation around a potential weather event that could exceed the bypass capability. The project was completed during a 3 day period in November of 2013. The contractor pressure washed the length of the pipe to remove loose debris, rust and other materials. Missing sections of metal were hand repaired, and any associated infiltration was mitigated with quick setting plug material. Then, in single application, the pipe was lined with GeoSpray to the engineered design thickness. 

As a final clean up measure, exposed areas of the exterior pipe were also coated with GeoSpray geopolymer to prevent further deterioration and present a homogenous appearance.

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