Salem, SC
GeoSpray® Geopolymer: Culvert Rehabilitation

Project Overview

The Keowee Key community is framed against the Blue Ridge Mountains and the blue waters of Lake Keowee , which have been called the most beautiful in the South. Lake Keowee boasts 300 miles of shoreline, countless coves and islands, and the perfect climate for a year -round, active lifestyle. Keowee Key Golf Course and Country Club was constructed in 1973. The golf club, through Pomona Pipe Products and IPR, was introduced to the GeoSpray mortar system to rehabilitate 220 linear feet of 60” CMP and 12 vertical feet of 96" Pond Riser on the golf course. The culvert was located under the 6th hole of the golf course and their was concern that the fairway would collapse without a timely repair.


The golf course originally looked in to rehabilitating the CMP structure by slip lining and CIPP which were technologies they had used in the past. In addition, replacing the entire pipe by open cut was investigated but would have required the community to close the hole for several months and significant relandscaping during the peak golfing season. 

After multiple site visits GeoSpray mortar became the solution of choice. Deciding factors were the small installation footprint and minimal damage to the golf course. Slip lining the existing 60” culvert would have decreased the open end area by 20% using a 48” pipe. The GeoSpray system also created a structural pipe significantly extending the life of the existing culvert.

Day 1 : Clean the pipes and remove the excess debris.
Day 2: Stop the water infiltration.
Day 3: Begin applying the GeoSpray mortar to the 60” pipe.
Day 4: Finish applying the material on the 60” pipe.
Day 5: Begin applying the GeoSpray mortar to the 96” riser pipe.
Day 6: Clean up and demobilize equipment.
Day 7: Minimal restoration to golf course.