Santee, CA
GeoSpray® Geopolymer: Storm Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Overview

The City of Santee is faced with the same problem as every other city and county aging storm water infrastructure. At the busy intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Woodside Avenue, a large potential problem was looming just below the street. A 48” and a 54” storm water corrugated metal pipe that ultimately empties into the San Diego River, was in need of replacement or rehabilitation. The City was concerned that a failure on a pipe of this diameter could result in a large sinkhole causing the entire intersection to be shutdown.


The City chose the GeoSpray mortar due to the limited amount of traffic disruption and the fact that this pipe is a direct line to the San Diego River. The city did not choose open cut because of the amount of disruption it would cause to this busy thorough fare. The CIPP option was not chosen due to the environmentally sensitive nature of the nearby San Diego River. The city was concerned that the CIPP resin system could potentially harm the San Diego River Watershed which is home to over one-half million people, and at least twenty -five state and federally listed endangered and threatened plant and animal species.

Day 1 : Set up temporary by-pass of the storm water system.
Day 2: Clean the pipe and remove the excess debris.
Day 3: Begin applying the GeoSpray mortar to the 320 linear feet of 48” pipe
Day 4: Finish applying the material on the 48” pipe.
Day 5: Begin applying the GeoSpray mortar to the 700 liner feet of 54” pipe.
Day 6: Finish applying the material on the 54” pipe.
Day 7: Clean up and remove temporary by-pass system.

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