GeoSpray Storwmwater Sewer
GeoSpray Storwmwater Sewer
GeoSpray Storwmwater Sewer

Auckland, New Zealand
GeoSpray® Geopolymer: Stormwater Sewer Rehabilitation

The city of Auckland, as with many other parts of New Zealand and
around the world, have utilized galvanised corrugated iron culverts as
part of the drainage network. Typical installations are to enable roads
and rail to cost-effectively traverse creeks, streams and small rivers. The
original purpose for the installation of the Kashmir Road culvert is not
entirely clear but could have been to improve residential development
opportunities or to address streambank erosion that may have threatened
an existing residential dwelling. Whatever the previous reasoning for its
installation, nearby residential dwellings were under threat due to the
looming collapse of the 1.8 meter (70 inches) diameter culvert as a result of
eroded ground support and missing culvert invert for the majority of its
30 meter (98 feet) length. The local council was concerned that failure of the
pipe could destabilize adjacent land and cause flooding of neighboring

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