Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining
Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining

Pogo Mine, AK
Concrete Cloth™: Remediate Shotcrete Drainage Ditch

Project Overview
In September 2014, Concrete Cloth GCCM (CC) was used to remediate a drainage ditch at the base of a slope at Pogo Mine, Alaska. The ditch is needed to prevent surface and storm water coming into contact with the adjacent mining tailings field. Due to the mine location and surrounding terrain, there are challenges with storm and surface water management. 

Re-lining the ditch with shotcrete was considered, but two miles of shotcrete- lined ditches had been installed in the previous two years and proved this was not a long term solution. Storm water had undermined the ditch, and coupled with freeze-thaw weathering and heavy spring rains, had caused extensive cracking and ultimate failure of the shotcrete.

CC allowed the installation to be completed in September when temperatures are already near freezing and there is regularly frost in the mornings - conditions which prevent the use of conventional concrete. Additionally, CC negated the costly maintenance requirements associated with other drainage solutions. 

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