Concrete Cloth Slope Protection
Concrete Cloth Slope Protection
Concrete Cloth Slope Protection
Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining

Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA
Concrete Cloth™: Slope/Stream Bank Stabilization

Project Overview

Severe erosion concerns from tidally influenced coastal waters created a
need for a permanent and relatively maintenance-free erosion stabilization
measure. Due to the location, within the confines of a restricted access
army base, a tough, durable solution was sought to adequately perform in
extreme conditions.

The 3,000 ft2 section along a steep embankment, was quickly eroding after
the removal of post-WWII era bridge abutments. A solution was sought for
overall economy, durability, a quick installation and to reduce maintenance.


Concrete Cloth GCCM was chosen for overall cost effectiveness, speed of
installation and cost of materials, which would bring immediate value to
Hunter Army Airfield Public Works.

When compared with rip rap, which is usually not recommended for slopes
over 2:1, the overall increased slope stability and reduced maintenance over
time were additional considerations that were favorable for the selection of
Concrete Cloth material.

The site was graded and prepared as a smooth working surface, and the
CC8 material was placed longitudinal on to the slope. The entire slope was
covered and hydrated, after being toed in at the top and covered with large
ballast at the bottom.

The work was completed in one working day using Concrete Cloth GCCM,
which saved time and, reduced worker hazard exposure.

The material was installed with a crew of three men and a trackhoe, using
only simple hand tools to cut and seam the CC8. The two bulk rolls were
placed by the contractor, who had no prior experience with Concrete Cloth
GCCM. No specialty labor, forms or equipment were required.

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