Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining
Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining
Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining
Concrete Cloth
Concrete Cloth

Olney, IL
Concrete Cloth™: Ditch Lining

Project Overview

The Boone Street drainage channel periodically overflows during storm events,
overtopping the recently constructed concrete channel. The earth slopes above the concrete walls were prone to erosion. The City of Olney, IL, had tried turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) placed on the steep slopes above the cast-in-place concrete channel section with little success. Grass grew non-uniformly and the TRM had large wrinkles in it. Not only was the section unsightly, it made mowing impossible by nearby residents, and did not provide the erosion protection the city wanted.

The city decided to place Concrete Cloth GCCM in a small trial area to see how it would perform. In October 2011 the first section was installed. Based upon the positive experience with the first section, the city installed more ditch lining in September 2012.

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