Concrete Cloth Ditch Lining

Wellington, CO
Concrete Cloth™: Irrigation Collection/Distribution Structure Lining

Project Overview

The North Poudre Irrigation Company has installed and maintained
irrigation water collection and distribution structures for nearly 100 years.
These structures are quite common in the western United States, and serve
to collect irrigation water inflows then redirect them into local irrigation
ditches for distribution. Frequently, weirs are also a part of, or are installed
very near to these distribution structures and water volumes are measured
and recorded.

The company estimates it has as many as 200 structures in its network,
and many are in need of repair. The aged concrete has cracked and is
leaking, and in many cases the cost of replacement is expensive. As a result,
the company is interested in a more cost effective solution to repair the


Concrete Cloth GCCM was chosen because of its unique attributes,
including the ability to customize shape the material to the configuration of
each individual handcrafted basin. Aditionally, the product is easy to install,
allowing the company to use its own labor rather than hire an external
contractor. The portability of Concrete Cloth GCCM was an advantage as
many of these structures are not easily accessible. The product is also fire
resistant, which allows debris to be burned in these structures in the spring.

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