Balkhash, Kazakhstan
GeoSpray® Geopolymer Mortar: Inlet Pipe Rehabilitation

Project Overview

A coal burning power plant, owned and operated by Kazakhmys Energy, was
experiencing major leaks in the two major input cooling pipes that route water to the thermal power station. This plant, which was constructed in the 1930s, supplies power to the whole of the surrounding region. After inspection, these pipes, installed in the 1960s, were found to have sound structure, but had significant pitting, leakage and damaged joints, resulting in major leaks throughout the input system. Due to the condition of the pipes, the plant deemed a repair of the system was necessary. The plant was running at reduced capacity during the early winter, which would allow for repair of half of the system, as only one inlet pipe was needed for partial operation of the plant. However, this meant that the repairs would need to be completed prior to the onset of locally harsh winter so that the full plant could come on-line.

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