Concrete Cloth Slope Protection
Concrete Cloth Erosion Control
Concrete Cloth Erosion Control

Money Metals Mine, Prescott National Forest
Concrete Cloth™: Mine Slope Protection

Project Overview

In December of 2015, the US Forest Service determined that a mine,
located in Prescott National Forest, needed some maintenance due to
the potential of environmental issues. Operation of mines typically create
an excess of heavy metals and other materials within the remains of the
excavated soils (called tailings) and are stockpiled on site during the
extraction of the metals from the soils that they are mining. Tailings and
other waste rock left exposed by mining can potentially begin to spread
by wind, precipitation, runoff water or wild life causing environmental
concerns in the surrounding areas.

In order to reduce the potential risk to human and ecological receptors from the heavy metal from the Money Metals Mine, the US Forest Service went into action to quell the spread of waste. Unfortunately, the location was very difficult to access due to the size of the access road. The access road was 0.4 miles and had two switchbacks with only 13 foot or less radii. This limited the options that would have typically been available to the US Forest Service to cover the tailing with soils and/or riprap.

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