Vista, CA
GeoSpray® Geopolymer Mortar: Culvert Rehabilitation


Located in the heart of Southern California’s industrial and commercial hub, the City of Vista is home to a master-planned, 80-acre business park first developed in 1987. As part of its construction, the City installed a 15-foot diameter corrugated aluminum multi-plate arch culvert (CMP) to cross under the main thoroughfare. The culvert provides maintenance vehicles and trucks access to the City’s sewer easement, serves as a crossing for wildlife, and is also used by local joggers and bicyclists.

Beginning in 2002, corrosion of the culvert pipe structure progressed steadily and the City began seeking recommendations from engineering consultants to either remove or rehabilitate the structure. Any rehabilitation solution needed be constructible with a limited work area footprint and minimize impacts to sensitive areas surrounding the project site, including coastal sage scrub and wetland habitats.

Rehabilitation Requirements

The primary design criterion was to support the earthen embankment and any live vehicular loading. Another requirement was that the exposed culvert material be non-flammable and resistant to heat, as City staff had observed campfire remnants within the culvert. Due to the oval shape of the pipe and its use as a roadway underpass for both sewer and fire trucks, rehabilitation needed to follow the same profile of the existing CMP.

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