Ringgold, LA
Atlas CFE Wrap™ 24" OD Horizontal Pipeline

Project Overview

The Pipe Wrap team was called in to design and complete a repair for six (6) Wrinkle Bends on the top of a 24” OD horizontal pipeline at a crossing about 26” to 31.5” apart.   With no visible corrosion, the distance from #1 Wrinkle Bend Center to #6 Wrinkle Bend Center was 12.2’.  The pipe had a Nominal Wall Thickness of .344” and Grade X-52 (52,000 SMYS), with an Operating Pressure of 875 psi.


Pipe Wrap engineers designed a 20 year design life utilizing the Atlas CFE Wrap™ System with 20 layers for 16  linear feet to restore the structural integrity of the pipeline back to pristine condition.

Repair Method

The repair was completed in 13 productive hours by three (3) Milliken Pipe Wrap Technicians and three (3) Contract Personnel. Repair Area was grit-blasted and wiped clean with Acetone. Then EP420 was applied as filler material for load tansfer at Wrinkle Bends and Long Seam. Next, PPR was applied to the entire repair zone. This was followed by the application of a layer of Fiberglass with ILI Markers. The 12” Wide Atlas CFE Wrap™ System was applied using the spiral method with 20 layers for 16 linear feet. Finally, Constrictor Wrap was applied, perforated, and allowed to cure. After curing, the Constrictor Wrap was removed and the team applied a topcoat with PPR Epoxy Coating.

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