Veracruz, Mexico
FormaShield®: Flare Pipeline

Project Overview:

Ten foot FormaShield repair on a damaged Flare Line, with external AND internal corrosion defects. The line has a 36” OD, with a wall thickness of .375 inches and a pipe grade of API 30,000. The MAOP is 150 PSI, with an operating pressure of 14 PSI.

Repair Solution: Formashield™ and EP420

Using the defect and pipe information, a Design Package was created in accordance to ASME PCC-2 standards. The Design required 4 layers of FormaShield over a 10-foot repair zone.

The pipe was first prepared to near white metal (NACE 3) using mechanical hand tools and cleaned with acetone to remove any oil residue. EP420 Filler paste was used to create a smooth transition on weld seems and the general corrosion areas. Once the EP420 had cured, PPR-Adhesive primer was applied to the entire repair zone, to prevent any moisture ingress. Then 4 layers of FormaShiled were applied as the structural reinforcement, using the ‘layer over layer with an offset’ method.

The final repair thickness was 0.132 inches. Peel ply was applied, as the final step, to compact the repair while it cured and avoid any contaminants. The repair was left to cure for 2 hours and then the Peel Ply was removed and a final coating was applied for corrosion and UV protection over the entire repair.


The installation was a success; the pipeline was never taken out of service, which allowed the customer to operate safely and continue with production. Installation was completed within 5 hours, including the 2 hours of set time. Finally, a hardness test was conducted, with Shore D value of 85.

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