Laguna Niguel, CA
Concrete Cloth™ Erosion Control and Trail Drainage Rehabilitation

Project Overview
In Laguna Niguel, California, the Public Works department was challenged with a drainage and erosion issue for a popular walking trail in a public park.
The trail, which runs across a sizeable slope, was prone to constant damage and
erosion from water run-off. Previously, the captured run-off was directed to a point where it was dissipated with sandbags and riprap before entering a surface inlet leading to a drain pipe. This system frequently clogged with sediment and debris.

In addition to solving the drainage issues, Public Works also looked to reconfigure the inlet with a more substantial and long-term solution that would enable sediment collection and allow the “cleaned” run-off to flow into the drainage pipe.

The resultant damage from water erosion of the trails, as well as the constant need to replace rotting sandbags, created a significant amount of annual maintenance. This maintenance was absolutely necessary though in order to prevent flooding into the residential neighborhood downslope and adjacent to the park.
Creating even more challenges to this situation was the remote and confined road access of the public park. Laguna Niguel Public Works was in need of a solution that could be easily deployed with minimal construction equipment since access to the trail areas where the work was to be done would not be possible with oversized equipment such as a cement truck.

After considering options, Laguna Niguel Public Works determined that Milliken
Infrastructure’s Concrete Cloth™ GCCM would be able to meet the requirements and demands of the project. By using Concrete Cloth GCCM they would be installing a long-term solution that would cut down the time and costs associated with ongoing maintenance, and could be easily delivered and installed without any oversized equipment.

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