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RenewWrap® Bridge Strengthening


The Umpqua River Bridge along the Oregon Coast Highway (US 101) is
a swing-span bridge flanked by two tied reinforced concrete arches on
each side. The bridge was opened in 1936 and was added to the National
Register of Historic Places in 2005. Due to the age and deterioration of the
bridge, along with increased loading, the structure required strengthening
in several locations. The goal of the Oregon DOT was not only to
strengthen the deck and beams to support today’s truck loadings, but to
keep the bridge in service during construction.
A detailed analysis of the existing bridge structure revealed the several
deficiencies that required attention. The Oregon DOT designed and
specified an FRP solution for the flexural deficiencies in the decks of the
tied arch spans and interior concrete girders of the approach spans.

Project Details

ODOT required the positive moment regions of the decks spanning
between floor beams to be strengthened using a near surface mounted
(NSM) technique and provide a strength equivalent to #4 steel rebar @ 15”
o.c. To provide the specified strength RenewWrap™ CF bars were bonded
into shallow slots cut into the deck soffit. Pioneer Waterproofing, the
FRP installation contractor worked from scaffolding suspended from the
bridge over the river to provide full access to the underside of the bridge.
Pioneer developed an innovative method for quickly and accurately cutting
the slots which was one of the most challenging aspects of the project.
For the positive moment regions of the interior girders of the approach
spans ODOT required additional strength equivalent to one #11 steel rebar.
Pioneer installed the RenewWrap CF600 carbon fiber strengthening system
to the bottom of the girder to meet ODOT’s requirement. The CFRP was
coated to provide UV-protection and an aesthetic finish.

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