Central California
RenewWrap® Grain Silo Rehabilitation

Project Overview
A cluster of grain silos constructed in Central California in 2000 were
recently strengthened with the RenewWrap® carbon fiber strengthening
system after one of its walls experienced a localized failure and a
subsequent inspection revealed deficiencies in the quantity and detailing
of the reinforcing steel.
Standing at approximately 150 feet tall and 44 feet in diameter, the silo had
10-inch thick reinforced concrete walls. In 2014, a small section of one of the
walls failed and collapsed into the interstice. The detailed inspection that
followed found vertical cracking at various locations around the perimeter
of the three silos and an as-built bar spacing that generally exceeded the
original design spacing.
The owner was about to move forward with the same shotcrete solution
used to repair one silo in 2005, when Ace Restoration & Waterproofing
approached him with an alternate solution that involved using the
RenewWrap fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) system. Ace assembled a
design-build team to analyze and price various FRP strengthening scenarios
and their disruption to the facility's operation. Finite element models were
used to analyze multiple load cases, including the impact of partially filling
the interstices for stability in an attempt to optimize and reduce the cost of
the repairs. After analyzing a number of approaches, the design-build team
proposed installing the RenewWrap CF600 carbon fiber strengthening
system to the interior face of the silo wall.

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