Cary, NC
GeoSpray®: CMP Culvert Lining

Project Overview
The town of Cary, North Carolina, is an affluent municipality
located southwest of Raleigh. The town is near the center of
the Triangle region, a commuter area consisting of three major
universities: Duke, UNC and NC State as well as the technology
hub located in Research Triangle Park. The housing development
of Preston is located adjacent to the Prestonwood Country
Club, where housing values range between $300,000 and
$1M. Bridle Creek Dr. is the main entrance to the community,
and the golf course with Bridle Creek crossing though a triplet
of 52”-54” CMP culverts. In 2016, a section of one of these
culverts collapsed, creating a sinkhole on the side of the road.
The collapse was quickly repaired with a new section of CMP,
but the community was concerned that the remaining CMP
sections were showing corrosion in the invert and it would be
only a matter of time before a more serious collapse occurred.

In May 2017 the town put out a project for bid for the pipe
renewal using a centrifugally cast-in-place cementitious lining
of 1” thickness. The bid was won by Inland Pipe Rehab with a
low bid of $79,725 for the lining of 175 linear ft of 52” CMP and
an additional 20 linear ft of 54” CMP. Once the project was
awarded, the contractor began construction in August. There
were three side-by-side pipes, so the flow was diverted into a
single section and each of the pipes were pressure-washed and
cleaned. There was little to no infiltration do to the low bury
depth of the pipes, but several missing sections of the inverts
were filled. Then the GeoSpray geopolymer mortar lining was
applied to each of the three pipes section over a three-day
period. The 1” coating was applied to each section of pipe in a
single application.

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