Fuel Oil Tank Repair with FormaSealâ„¢ System

The Milliken Pipe Wrap team was contacted to utilize our FormaSeal system to repair several leaks in the bottom of a fuel oil tank in Belguim. Read on to see how. 

Project Overview:

Our client wanted to repair several leaks in the bottom of a fuel oil tank. Design conditions were at 122º F, approximately 30 psi and the fuel oil was caustic. The tank was completely drained and the repairs would be applied inside the tank at the bottom. 

Repair Solution:

Using our proprietary tank repair calculator, Milliken Pipe Wrap designed a five-year repair service life, which required three 12" x 12" and one 20" x 20" repair. The FormaSeal system was chosen due to its excellent chemical resistance. 


The tank floor was sand-blasted over the repair area and a solvent was used to assure no oil remained on the surface. After identifying and marking the repair zone, all of the anomalies were filled in using an EP-407 epoxy filler and ECN1813 was used to provide an adhesive layer. The FormaSeal system was wetted with an additional ECN1813 epoxy and applied to the repair zones until the calculated layers had been achieved. A vacuum bagging system that we provided was installed and the repair system was allowed to cure. Repairs were installed over a 1.5-hour period and after a 2-hour cure, the vacuum system was removed and a topcoat of ECN1813 was applied, completing the repair. 

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